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Moscow ALGO-2014,

December 5, Moscow, DI Telegraph


Organizers: Derivative Expert Agency and Moscow Exchange OJSC

 The largest Moscow ALGO — 2014 Algorithmic Trading Conference is intended to communicate: officers of the largest banks, investment, brokerage and management companies; developers of specialized software; representatives of Western professional community; algo traders; private investors.

This year special attention will be paid to a number of topical issues, which includes: modern data analysis methods and data mining, machine learning and discussion about new opportunities for algorithm research engineers, emerging during application of new instruments, such as new volatility index future. And special focus will be on foreign exchange market and its innovations.

Private investors and robot writers will learn about new developments of brokerage software, IT-infrastructure innovations and will have a chance to ask the representatives of Moscow Exchange, leading derivatives market professionals about points of their interest.

An exhibition “Everything about Russian Algo Trading 2014” will be held within the framework of the conference. Beginning robot writers and leaders of algorithmic trading market, leading developers of algorithmic trading systems and beginning robot engineers, specialists-integrators from IT-subdivisions of investment companies and banks, developers of drives and   trading software will be gathered in one place.

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Генеральный информационный партнер конференции Moscow ALGO - 2014

Информационные партнеры конференции Moscow ALGO - 2014